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Wavebreak Island - Our Slice of Paradise

When you think of the Gold Coast, endless stretches of long sandy ocean beaches are usually top of mind… But look beyond the ocean waves and you will discover a beautiful body of water known as the Gold Coast Broadwater. We enjoy wonderful conditions for boating year-round thanks to protection offered by the Spit, South Stradbroke Island and the little jewel that is Wavebreak Island. Wave Break island is a man-made island created in 1985. Its name gives away its purpose as it was created to stabilise and protect the area from land erosion. The island also helps prevent the ocean swell from coming into the Broadwater and provides a safe place for boats to get protection from the winds.

Wave Break Island is a popular destination for boaties on the Gold Coast, it’s a little slice of paradise right on our doorstep. Accessible only by boat, Wavebreak Island has stunning views back of the Gold Coast city skyline but yet feels a million miles away.

A mecca for all types of marine based activity you will find fishermen dropping in a line, divers and snorkellers checking out the marine-life and recreational boaties dropping anchor or pulling up on the beach for swimming, BBQs or just for a walk along the white sandy beaches. Wave Break Island is known for its sparkling clear waters, particularly at high tide. Being located so close to the Gold Coast Seaway, there is a regular flow of clean, fresh ocean water in this area. This makes it our favourite swimming spot to treat our guests to, you can’t resist diving in!

You may get the opportunity to see wildlife animals and marine life at Wave Break Island and in the Broadwater. Keep an eye out for friendly bottle nose dolphins, many small colourful fish, manta rays, turtles, sea eagles and much more. If you’re a keen scuba diver or want to have a snorkel, there is a dive site known for its abundance in fish at the northern rock wall. It’s nice and protected from the ocean swells and you can see up to 50 different species of fish.

When visiting Wave Break Island there’s a good chance you will have the Island all to yourself, unless you’re visiting on the most popular days which are weekends, Easter, New Year’s Day and Australia day. Australia Day and New Year’s Day are next level as Wavebreak Island becomes a magnet for revellers and something of a party scene. Boats visiting will often claim their spot a few days before these popular events begin. Hiring a boat to take you to Wavebreak Island on these days when water traffic is expected can make for a more enjoyable and stress-free experience.