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Bookings We require a 50% deposit to secure your booking. The balance is due at least thirty (30) days prior to the event.

Cancellations Refund Policy: Your booking is accepted in good faith. As soon as we receive your deposit this date and time will be reserved exclusively for you and we will start to decline any other booking requests.

\ If you wish to cancel the booking please note the following penalties apply;

Up to 91 days - 10% of charter cost is retained to cover administration fees. The remainder of your deposit will be refunded.

\ 45-90 days – 25% of charter cost is retained. Should you wish to reschedule we will apply 12.5% of charter cost towards your next charter. (we will retain 12.5% of the charter cost to cover administration fees and part lost revenue).

\ 30-44 days – 50% of charter cost (ie your deposit) is retained. Should you wish to reschedule we will apply 25% of charter cost towards your next charter. (we will retain 25% of the charter cost to cover administration fees and part lost revenue).

\ 15-29 days – 75% of charter cost is retained. Should you wish to reschedule we will apply 25% of charter cost towards your next charter. (we will retain 50% of the charter cost to cover administration fees and part lost revenue).

\ 14-0 days – 100% of charter cost is retained.

Please note we do not aim to profit from cancellations, therefore in the instance that the original charter spot is resold we will refund the full payment less 10% administration fee.

Government Restrictions Sailing in Paradise abides by government restrictions. As a small family business our guest’s happiness is our top priority, if you are unable to attend due to the following circumstances, we are able to offer the following terms in addition to the standard cancellation terms.

\ Total Government Shutdown in Gold Coast region - In the event of a total government shutdown in our region (preventing our operation) we will offer free and unrestricted reschedules for a period of 18 months or an agreed % refund/credit arrangement.

\ Border Closures/COVID Sickness - In the event of a lead charter guest being unable to reach the boat due to border closures, vaccine restrictions or sickness (while Sailing in Paradise remains operational) we will offer a restricted reschedule for 12 months. The restricted charter credit is available for use for bookings made a maximum of 14 days in advance of the new charter date. In the instance that we are able to resell the original charter spot this 14 day restriction can be removed and a refund will also be possible if preferred.

We encourage guests who are impacted by border closures, sickness, vaccine concerns or regional lockdowns to please keep in contact as the earlier we are aware of a possible cancellation, the more likelihood we will resell.\ Guests booking rescheduled charters will be charged relevant charter fee on the new booking date (which may be more or less than the original charter). Rates vary seasonally and by day of the week and this may result in an additional charge or a refund of portion of the charter fee. Guests should bear in mind possible government restrictions on group numbers, social distancing and vaccine requirements when selecting and booking a vessel as these will need to be adhered to and are the responsibility of the guest.

\ Alcohol, Health and Guest Behaviour Whilst we do want everyone to have a great time on board the vessel, due to our RSA obligations and to ensure the safety of patrons, Sailing In Paradise has some strict rules which must be adhered to at all times. It is the responsibility of the lead charter guest to ensure all other guests are made aware of these requirements.\ • For the health and safety of all guests as well as our crew, we request that all guests attending the charter are made aware that they will be unable to sail if they are showing symptoms of COVID-19 (high temp, cough, respiratory symptoms etc).\ • Guests who have been in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the past 14 days or have been in an identified hotspot are not permitted to attend.\ • Customers are to leave the vessel in an orderly fashion with respect to neighbouring businesses, communities and the general public. • All persons must obey any instructions given by the Master of the vessel or any staff member. • We reserve the right to refuse entry, cease the charter and/or have people removed from the vessel at any time with no refund offered if they are overly intoxicated or offensive. • Drinking alcohol by underage persons is not permitted. ID may be required.\ • Spirits only allowed in pre-mixed cans (No bottled spirits or red wine allowed on board). • No shots or skulling games permitted.\ • There is no smoking allowed on the vessel at any time (but we will happily stop at wharves/islands). • There are to be no public displays of offensive nudity\ • Jumping off the vessel whilst underway is an offence and will result in the charter being suspended immediately and the offender handed to the Water Police. • All rubbish is to remain on the vessel (no throwing rubbish overboard). • Open bottles of alcohol are not to be taken off the vessel. • We reserve the right to disembark at alternative wharves if any guests are showing signs of intoxication or behaving offensively as this violates the agreement of our wharf tenancy. • Please Note: Smoking is prohibited on the vessel at all times.

Wet weather policy: Sailing in Paradise offers a generous wet weather policy however it is very possible to have a good time on board our vessels in the rain. We have looked after many guests who sailed on rainy days only to state that it actually made it even more fun! The golden rule…bring your own sunshine…a positive approach and outlook is all that is needed to have a good time in any weather. Though we do enjoy 300 days of sunshine on the Gold Coast ha ha… Please be advised that we make the weather determination on the day of the charter using local observations and Radar images. We do not use weather forecasts (t.v weather reports, BOM etc) as these are seldom accurate and not localised to our particular area of operation. In some weather conditions it can be difficult to predict the rainfall over a specific 3 hour period so please be prepared to come to the marina (and perhaps have a plan B in the area) as we may be unable to predict in advance.\ We reserve the right to delay the departure time for up to 1 hour to allow the rain to pass (2 hours for full day bookings). In this case we will either extend the charter or refund the equivalent portion of the charter cost. If it looks like raining heavily for the entire duration of the charter and you do not wish to sail (we urge you to reconsider see above) we will offer the opportunity to reschedule or will refund your charter payment in full as whilst there is ample cover on the boat we do want you to enjoy your experience.\ If it is just overcast or cloudy, or there may be a passing rain event, we would still expect the trip to go ahead as planned as we have reserved the day for your and more than likely refused other bookings. You can also still have a great time in the rain, especially in summer!

Security and Safety Requirements • A credit card bond may be requested on boarding the vessel. • The hirer of the vessel may be requested to provide photo ID on request on boarding the vessel.\ • Birthday Parties under 19 years should be disclosed when booking as some specific (but very reasonable) rules do apply. Failure to notify us and adhere to these guidelines may result in cancellation or ceasing the charter without refund.\ • ‘All male’ charters including bucks parties, footy trips, ‘all male’ type events are required to advise us in advance as some specific (but very reasonable) rules do apply. Failure to notify us and adhere to these guidelines may result in cancellation or ceasing the charter without refund.\ • Ticketed events are not permitted on board the vessel without prior permission from Sailing in Paradise. Failure to notify us and seek permission will result in cancellation or ceasing the charter without refund.

Catering/Butlers/Watersports Policy: Our additional services are sourced from third party suppliers and need to be ordered in advance. 14 days notice, and full payment, is required where possible for placing catering, butlers and watersports orders. We may sometimes be able to turn this around faster if necessary but please enquire.\ • Cancelations for catering are required at least 7 days prior to the event.\ • Cancelations for butlers or watersports are required at least 14 days prior to the event.\ If the boat charter needs to be cancelled at the last minute due to weather conditions, arrangements can be made for you to enjoy the catering at an alternative location. The same applies for hen’s party butlers. We are unfortunately unable to offer refunds on these services at this late stage, this is outside of our control.

These terms and conditions are subject to change.